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Eyes of a Hawk

A Mads Mikkelsen Community

Eyes of a Hawk: A Mads Mikkelsen Community
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Time for a change. When I started this community (Oh great, a rant), I didn't think it would have gotten this big. I thought, "Well, okay, I might be one of the few who that Mads was incredibly sexy as Tristan." But BOY did you all prove me wrong! We're all spreading the Mads' love. Whether he's dying by the ugly Saxon butthead, or running around naked with a bald head (or not so bald if you're talking about Flickering Lights), he still seems to amaze and surprise (And bring us to our knees). This community has brought people from around the world (Okay, so it's just the US and Europe or at least, that I know of) together to talk about this sexy Danish man. But yeah, it's just a fun place where we can sit, talk, squee, etc. over the Danish man known as Mads Mikkelsen. Thanks!

PS: If anyone wants to "freshen" up the look, ask me and I'll give you guys the chance to make it more prettier. God knows I can't. lol.